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Welcome to the Dynamiti solar system.
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Dynamiti is an automation company that’s disrupting IT with SaaS click-to-run solutions. It’s as simple as the click of a button. Impossible speed for your clients. Incredible assets for you.

Let’s face it, most SMBs run a mile from CRM systems.

They typically cost a fortune, take an age to set-up and then are too complicated to keep updated. The problem is, their customers expect an amazing customer experience, whether they are dealing with an enterprise or SMB.

Dynamics GO is an SMB’s best mate. It offers all the things that make an SMB’s life easier.


Dynamics GO features

An automated and simplified version of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s a fixed product including:






And the best part…

You can offer it to your clients instantly at the click of a button. No more long wait times. No more sifting through stuff that SMBs don’t want. All the best bits, CRM in a box, instantly.

Get ahead of your competitors without having to upskill your team.
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What’s in orbit

Dynamics GO upgrade

Our innovators are at work on Dynamics GO. We are continuing to develop specific versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to suit different SMB needs. Automation doesn’t get better than this.

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Change today.
Future-proof tomorrow.

Add Dynamics Go as an extra asset to your business without having to upskill your team.

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